Visitor statistics are an important part of any website hosting service. The amount of individuals that have been to your Internet site can supply you with more information regarding how it's performing and will show you if you need to work on improving it. Normally the web stats for a site include the daily and the monthly visits (unique and reloads), the most visited web pages and the referrer websites, so if you notice that particular web pages are getting far less website traffic than others, you could consider making them more captivating to the visitors to use the full potential of your website. In case you are advertising online, you'll also be able to see if the money was well-invested or not, as the web statistics usually feature info about third-party Internet sites and search engines like Yahoo which refer visitors to your website. Having in depth and correct statistics can help you enhance your website and plan your advertising and marketing strategies more effective, as a way to get more potential customers.
Web & FTP Statistics in Shared Website Hosting
We shall give you in-depth statistics for all of the sites hosted inside your account on our cloud platform, so you'll be able to keep track of the visitors for every domain or subdomain which you have. All shared website hosting plans provide two effective traffic monitoring applications – Webalizer and AWStats that you will be able to access through your Hepsia Control Panel. They shall ensure that you get incredibly detailed information using graphs and tables - you can see the first and the last page visited, the most visited pages, the unique and the returning website visitors, the most downloaded information, the referrer sites, the IP addresses of the website visitors and the countries they come from, plus more. By the hour, everyday and month-to-month stats are offered, so you're able to see how each of your sites is doing. We have real-time stats, so you can observe the number of visitors and their IPs/countries at any given time.
Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated plans come with a couple of applications which will offer you a detailed picture of the general performance of all the Internet sites hosted within your account. They are known as AWStats and Webalizer, and they'll make available to you all the information which you may need. The data is rather thorough, so aside from the typical per month, day-to-day and hourly website visitor stats, you'll also be able to see things like the most popular first and last web page seen by your visitors, the search engines that brought them to your Internet site together with the keywords they were searching for, the world-wide web browser and the Operating System they were using, etc. Having this data will permit you to determine which elements of the site perform worse than others, so you can take measures and improve the content, in order to make it more interesting for visitors. You can even modify your advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly to increase the incoming traffic to these web pages.